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Duo & Trio Bands

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We can offer you Top Quality Melbourne Duo & Trio Bands. For your choice, we only have the very best Value-For-Money acts, who are regularly checked, and would love to help make your Function or Event Successful & Memorable - Guaranteed. Please click on the pictures below to open a special page for the act. They contain information i.e. photos, sound clips, testimonials, repertoire samples, video clips, etc.

As you can see there is a large variety of styles and genres. It very much depends on what event you are hosting as to what would be the most suitable Duo or Trio for you. It could be a 5 star corporate function or a 21st party and anything in-between. Factors to consider are type of event, venue choice, budget, number of guests present, demographics, etc. to decide on style and genre, but also the choice of an acoustic duo or trio, or a band which uses backing tracks, as well as a variety of other considerations.

You can make the choice: Duo & Trio Bands performing pop, rock, cover, classical, roving, Latin, jazz, tribute, blues, world, French, Irish, country, opera or we can help and tailor the entertainment to your brief and budget. Below are just a few Duo & Trio Bands on our books for your perusal. We have many more.

So please don't hesitate to ask for our FREE HELP to determine what could be best for your event and your budget. FREE CALL 1800 778 542 or email (PS - We don't share your contact details - Privacy Policy)




We don't share your contact details - Privacy Policy