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Roving Musicians

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We have on offer top quality Melbourne roving bands (also called 'roaming') and roving musicians for festivals, street performances, markets, weddings, corporate functions and events, conference entertainment, celebrations, private functions, hotel and restaurant events, etc.

Most roving (wandering) musicians do not use amplifiers, so they could freely walk around while performing, solo, or in a group. There is a variety of genres and styles to choose from. Due to the nature of the instruments used, you could choose from the traditional, like (trad) jazz dixie land jazz band, or Irish, but also Italian, French, Jewish, Gypsy, Spanish (Flamenco), Indigenous, Greek, Mexican, South American, World, etc.

Here are SOME links of roving performers we have on our books - we have many more. Please click on the picture to open a special page for the act. They contain information i.e. photos, sound clips, testimonials, repertoire samples, video clips, etc.

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We don't share your contact details - Privacy Policy