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We have a large number of excellent Melbourne Speakers and MCs on our books. Some are very well know and regularly appear on TV and/or at high profile events. All are very experienced and suitable for most events like: corporate functions, events entertainment, conference entertainment, award ceremony, product launch, staff party, Christmas function, end-of-year function, show case, charity ball, private function, community event, etc.

Below are just a few corporate Speakers and (Master of Ceremonies) MCs for hire on our books for your perusal. We have many more. Please click on the picture to open a special page for the act. They contain information i.e. photos, sound clips, testimonials, repertoire samples, video clips, etc.

Ask us if you have a special person in mind, or someone who is specialised in/as: inspirational speaker, Olympic speaker, online marketing speaker, teamwork speaker, entrepreneur speaker, women in leadership, science & technology speaker, political speaker, food and wine specialist, environment, current affairs, raconteur, health, law and crime, chef speaker, personal development, motivational speaker, Australia's top speakers, media speakers, celebrity speakers, world affairs speakers, management speakers, overseas based speakers, sports speakers, social media speakers, business speakers, leadership speakers, etc

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We don't share your contact details - Privacy Policy