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The Honest Agent specialises in live entertainment for government, council and community events of any size. 

Our experienced team of consultants works with you on every aspect of your event, ensuring its success.. On contacting The Honest Agent you will be allocated an experienced Account Representative, who will arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements in depth. 

The Honest Agent works with you as a team during the planning stage, offering creative solutions to issues such as:

- The demographics of the intended audience
- Cultural and/or other specific requirements
- Budget constraints
- The time frame and deadlines
- Advertising and media.

The Honest Agent liaises with your chosen entertainment, ensuring a smooth and successful event. We assist with:  

- Technical specifications
- Running sheets and logistics
- Stage and lighting requirements
- Briefing of the sound engineer/s
- Public liability insurance

Tailored entertainment options for government, council and community events

Wedding ceremony entertainers.

At The Honest Agent, our focus is to provide you with the right entertainment and to assist you with integrating the entertainment into your event. We understand that the success of your event involves detailed planning and working within time frames, deadlines and budget constraints.

The Honest Agent appreciates the need for efficient co-operation within and across departments. Similarly, effective communication and cooperation with departmental heads and coordinators is paramount to us.

The Honest Agent doesn’t just present you with options — we work with you in a complementary business partnership. We offer our informed assistance to the organiser both before and during the event, ensuring a smooth integration of the entertainment.

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