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The Honest Agent provides live entertainment for private functions of any kind, taking the worry off your hands and making your function a success.  

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Whatever and wherever the occasion, The Honest Agent can tailor an entertainment proposal that meets your needs. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary celebration, housewarming, or just a gathering for no particular reason, we can find exactly the right entertainment for you.

From our extensive list of quality acts we can provide you with a choice of bands, duos, piano players, DJs, clowns, caricaturists, magicians, face painters, dance groups or comedians, to name just a few.

Whatever and wherever the occasion, we can tailor a proposal for you. If you are hosting a birthday party, special celebration, house warming or having an informal get together at a house, marquee in the garden, beach, winery, restaurant or reception centre, we can help.

The type of entertainment that’s available could be a band, duo, piano player, DJ, clown, caricaturist, magician, face painter, dance group, comedian etc.

As the valued client you need:

Tailored entertainment options for private functions

Wedding ceremony entertainers.



Our complimentary consultation includes:

• A discussion with you about on the type of entertainment you have in mind and the budget you are working within.

• A detailed discussion about the venue, the number of guests, and the formal or informal requirements for your function.



Once we understand your vision:

• We email you a list of options with links to the acts that fit your budget and that available on the day of your function.

• We send you a formal quote with a detailed job brief.

• We liaise with and brief the band before the day.  

• We offer you a money back guarantee.

Click here for more information about the process - from your first enquiry untill after your function, or for more information about our services. We also provide a private function fact sheet  to assist you in planning your function. Better still, send us an email or give us a call to discuss your upcoming private function with us.


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